Monty’s Rescue is a registered charity based in Cheadle, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire.

We began as a breed specific rescue for the Dogue de Bordeaux however whilst we do specialise in this breed, we are a large breed rescue & rehabilitation centre for all large breeds. We regularly work with aggressive or dangerous dogs of various breeds who are often turned away by other rescues or trainers.  So,  in addition to the Dogue de Bordeaux we do also take other breeds when they need us.
We offer rescue, rehabilitation and re-training, with our ultimate aim being to re-home.

Our work is often with dogs that other rescues cannot or will not help, this can be for a number of reasons.
The Dogue de Bordeaux is a large, strong breed and we frequently see in rescue many whose owners have not done any research, some are impulse buys, some status dogs and some are unfortunately purely down to a change in circumstance or family illness where owners are no longer able to care for them.

Either way an adult Dogue de Bordeaux is far from the puppy you see advertised, they can out grow their new home quickly.  Inexperienced handlers can soon have a problem which sadly ends up time and time again in rescue.

The same can be said for many large breeds and whilst each breed has its own traits and behavioural issues, a little research prior to taking on the commitment of any pet could save many shelters becoming so full.
Often the dogs develop behavioural issues or can become unruly if not given the time and attention they need.  Thankfully the experience and knowledge at Monty’s allows the majority to be re-trained and re-homed.

Dog Rescue

Dog Re-Homing

We are a no kill rescue. No dog is put to sleep unless medical reasons give no other option.
Sadly, some dogs have issues that make them unsuitable for re-homing.  These dogs become a ‘Monty’s Lifer’ meaning they live with us for the remainder of their years.

We currently have six lifers: Fozzy, still apart of rescue even since his journey over rainbow bridge, Elvis, Seren, Riley, Rogue and our latest addition Rascal.  While Rogue and eventually Rascal will stay with us and help rehabilitate others,Elvis and particularly Seren carry issues that could place them and the public at risk should they be re-homed.  However they can live out a happy and fulfilled life here with us at rescue as opposed to the PTS option that sadly would be recommended elsewhere.
We rely solely on public generosity. We are not funded in any way, nor do we receive grants or private sector funding.  Everything done here is financed and carried out by our fantastic supporters and sponsors.


We are fortunate to receive help from numerous companies, who offer of us items for our monthly online auctions, food, treats and toys for our rescue babies together with cleaning and running supplies for the kennels. Without this fantastic support base and dedication from our team we would not be able to help so many dogs in need.

Kennels cost £5 per dog per day to rent, initial set up cost for each pen is approximately £20 and in addition to this we have costs for food, toys and treats which gives an average of £65-70 per week per dog that is with us in rescue.
Medical and vets fees can and often do run into £1000’s all of which are payable at time of treatment or upfront.

We generate funding in a variety of ways.  We have online auctions and raffles run by our volunteers and we also have sponsored events arranged and carried out by our volunteers.  For further details of upcoming events please see our Events page, which can be found under the About section.  Should you have ideas or suggestions to help us raise funds we are always happy to hear them, so please do get in touch!

Email: Jasmine@montysrescue.com
Facebook https://facebook.com/groups/1835325466718594


You can help to support the work we do by making a small donation to help towards vet & food bills.


All funds generated from our merchandise goes back into the running costs of the rescue, simply purchasing a product supports a dog.


The Rescue Club is run by volunteers who help support the dogs by donating their time.  We're always looking for volunteers.  If you have time you can spare and would like to help, please contact us for details.

Or better still , come visit us! This is how most of our regular volunteers became involved and all will tell you the world of dog rescue is very addictive. The feeling that you are helping and contributing to a better existence is like no other feeling you will experience. We have our sad moments as not everything goes to plan but mostly we are rewarded with love and gratitude and develop bonds with our dogs and their owners (both new and old) which often remain for life.